See how you can list your ranch or farm in the industry’s largest directory ~ page 27 ALABAMA

A Triple J Ranch. 100% NZ, PB and commercial Kikos from performance-tested genetics. Forage- based meat goats bred for minimum input/mainte- nance in the parasite-harsh Southeast. contact Jeff Lamote, Cullman, Ala. 256-962-2685, info@atri-,


Just Kiddin’ Caprines. Call me & let’s talk about Kikos! Phillip Wilborn, Langston, Ala. 334-313-1687 or e-mail

———————————————————— ARIZONA

Fish or Price Ranch. Raising quality Kikos for meat, milk, pack and more! Getting everything you need, just one breed. Dis- ease tested, grass fed only. 100% NZ, Purebred, Percentage and commer-

cial. Sarah Fish 928-970-6648, Facebook, & YouTube.


River Valley Kikos. 100% NZ, purebred and commercial Kikos. Raised in the foothills of southeast Sacramento and Amador counties. Mareamma/Karakachan LGDs. Robin McDonell. 916-705-8609.

———————————————————— COLORADO

SandWillow Farm Kikos. Purebreds and per- centages from performance-tested genetics. Cherokee Fiddler and Outlaw bloodlines. For- age-based on-farm performance testing for 10 years. Emphasis on multiples, weaning wts., ADG, parasite resistance. Contact Dr. Bruce at 303-646-4406 or


Myotonics - fullblood & crosses. Unrelated pairs available. Spa- nish x Savanna cross bucklings available. Kathy Wornicki, Web- ster, Fla. 352-585-1145 or and visit ————————————————————

Our herdsires: YKF Renegade’s Trump, TWR Trump's Renegade, RDH Indian Outlaw's To- mahawk, HKF Hobo's Joe. Alan, Christy & Chloe Kelley. If you are interested in Kiko goats, Miniature Herefords or Kune Kune Pigs, contact us for availability. Brooksville, Fla. 813- 503-4628 or


Long Grey Line Farm. Neely Sawyer Spanish Goats. DNA & certified herd. Savanna compos- ite meat goats. Imported Licensed Welsh Sheepdogs for herding & AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks for family & farm. www.longgrey- Fort White, Fla. 386-758-2361, 386-867-5194.


Quality purebreds and percentage does & bucks, market & project wethers. Mike & Maureen Reis. Rio Vista, Calif. www.rocking4rboer- Mike 707-483-6303. Maureen 209- 601-5892. E-mail: ————————————————————

Unfinished Acres. Quality, registered pure- bred Boers, Kikos, Nubians & Maremma Sheepdogs. All stock tested negative for CAE, CL & Johne’s. Visitors Welcome. Mark & Becky, 916-296-6260, Un- finished Acres Kiko & Boer Meatgoats on FB. Northern, California.

Sun Splash Farms. Certified Spanish Goats. Alva, Florida. Paul Persaud, 917-407-0472 or


A&M Farm. 100% NZ & PB Kiko breeding stock. Herdsires: ECR Katmandu, SDR Leonardo Bear & PRG Dusty Bottoms. Bloodlines: ECR Rusty, Sports Kat, Onyx, Legend, Loverboy, Southwest Cisco, JTV Queen, ECR Gloria. Aw- trey & Mary Moore, Powder Springs, Ga. 770- 943-3351;;


Mystic Hills Farm. 100% NZ Kikos. Obscure genetic lines. Pango Hua, Sesame son, Gen- erator son. Facebook: Mystic Hills Farm Kiko Goats. Brandon Bishop. 404-569-0458. E-mail:

Overlook Farm. Gary and Lydia Richardson. Creating a new genera- tion of Kikos by bringing back the greatest proven genetics of the breed. Fairmount, Ga. Like us on FB. 770- 310-4542; ————————————————————

Spring Acres Farm. High quality 100% New Zealand breeding stock. Forage-based man- agement with a focus on hardiness & parasite resistance. Bob & Marilyn Seleska, 9350 Dry Lake Rd., Quitman, GA 31643. Phone 229- 263-7977, 229-740-1813. springacres@wind-;


Thompson Horse/Mule & Goat Co. We raise exceptional Texas- bred Spanish goats that have adapted well to the Southeast cli-

mate. Weanlings available in July. Chuck & Kathy Thompson. Yatesville, Ga. 910-583-5828 or ———————————————————

T&SFarms. Kiko breeding stock — 100% New Zealand progeny. Colored genetics. DNA tested & parentage-verified. Tommy and Susan McKin- non, 1308 Broach Ave. Albany, Ga. 229-436- 3831; 229-349-1440/cell;


Kopf Canyon Ranch. Registered NZ, Purebred and Percentage Kiko breeding stock in Idaho. Dale & Karen Kopf, Troy, ID.


9000 or, Find us on Facebook. ————————————————————

Legacy Farms. Brett & Lisa Leyshon. Fullblood and percentage Savanna goats. Can assist with cross-country delivery. American Falls, Idaho. 208-604-2285.


Red Bud Kikos. Quality 100% NZ & PB Kikos. Herdsires GFI Terminator's XXX & CLP Outta The Blue. Only 40 min. from St. Louis. or 618-606- 1939 (pls leave message).


Webb Ranch Kikos. Superiorbreeding stock. 100% NZ Kikos. Breeding program empha- sizes ~ hardiness, strong maternals, para- site resistance, low hoof maintenance & perform- ance.Colored genetics. Don Webb, 217-313- 0246 or e-mail

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