4-H project blossoms into family business

We are the Rosemeyer family — Matt, Missy, Ross, Luke and Olivia. Our farm name is Rosemeyer Boer Goats and we are located in southeast Indiana in Franklin County. Our involvement with Boer goats began when our eldest son, Ross, now 16, was to start his first year in 4-H. We did not have goats at the time but he wanted to give them a go for 4-H.

Soon we purchased a couple of does from a neighbor and we were on our way. We both grew up on farms raising all sorts of livestock and crops — except goats. Not knowing much about goats we thought, “How hard could it be?”

Little did we know how much there was to learn about these animals to successfully raise quality stock. What we knew about cat- tle, hogs, horses, etc., did not apply to goats for the most part. With the help of other breeders and some good websites we gath-

Our children Ross, Luke and Olivia all show in 4-H, ABGA and

JABGA shows. They are also involved in the daily care of the ani- mals, doing the feeding before school and in the evenings along with preparation for shows. The children have learned the responsibilities involved with vaccinating, birthing and everyday care of the goats.

They also competed in the junior show at

the ABGA National show in 2019. Ross placed in all the classes he showed in at this event.

Everyone helps out in the barn. Here, Ross and dad Matt give a CD&T vaccination.

ered the information needed to deal with health issues, birthing, vac- cinations, nutrition, etc.

Even after 8 years, as we strive to raise a better goat, there is al- ways something new to be learned and much to teach to those who are looking for answers as we once were.

Our herd has evolved nicely since those first animals taught us so much. We now average about 75 head of all ages, bucks and does that look nothing like those first ani- mals. With the purchase of better stock, changes in feeding and care of our animals, we now have a high-quality product that we hope will help others achieve their goals.

Producing a better goat and marketing them with honesty and inte- grity is the goal we work towards. We would like to thank all the folks that have helped us along the way in getting to this point and I hope we get the chance to do the same for others. n

Olivia takes time to do a perfect grooming job be- fore heading for the showring.

26 Goat Rancher | August 2020

Ross shows a doe kid at the ABGA National Show in 2019. He placed in all his classes.

Luke exhibited this quality Boer doe at the 2019 NAILE in Louisville, Ky.

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