Sept. 18-19 — Oklahoma Hills Meat Goat Confer- ence and Invitational Kiko Sale. Okmulgee Co. Fairgrounds, Okmulgee, OK. FMI: Kent Perkins, 918-755-4462 or

Sept. 25-26 — IKGA Kikofest. Crossville Fair- grounds, Crossville, TN. FMI: Steve Maynard, ste-

Oct. 2-3 — NKR’s Corn Country Commercial Meat Goat Conference. Harrison County Fair- grounds, Corydon, IN. FMI: Terry Hankins, 662- 519-9697 or Web-site:

Extracting a core sample from a round bale of hay. Be sure to cut a hole if there is a plastic cov- ering to prevent contaminating the sample.

pendent and government funded, in the U.S. that will test forages. It is often easiest to contact the local extension office, or feed cooperative to send the sample for testing though. These entities can also assist in se- lecting the proper testing package to get the results you need. If one cannot get access to a lab through the extension office or feed co- operative, submitting the sample directly to the lab is possible. I personally use Dairy- land Laboratories Inc., in Arcadia, Wis., but there are many others throughout the U.S. Testing is essential for every producer, even if they do not currently realize its value. Hay quality directly impacts the amount of milk a doe will produce, how fast a kid will grow, and even how much grain must be fed. Good hay reduces the costs of grain supplementation while boosting over- all performance while bad hay will do just the opposite.

Remember, the quality of a forage can- not be identified by looks alone. Make sure you are testing each cutting of hay, regard- less of how small it may be, and sharing these results with your nutritionist. Your goats and your pocketbook will thank you.

(Gregory Meiss raises Boer goats and is head nutritionist for his family’s company, Meiss Feed and Supply, Sibley, Ill. He can be contacted at 217-379-7985, through Facebook: Meiss Boer Goats or by e-mail at

The Tuskegee University Master Goat Producers Certification workshop will be

offered virtually this year from August 3-7. The online registration is open: courses/colleges-schools/caens/conferences- workshops/master-goat-training

August 2020 | Goat Rancher 23

Oct. 3 — Cream of the Crop Kiko Sale. Harrison County Fairgrounds, Corydon, IN. FMI: Terry Han-

kins, 662-519-9697 or egyptcreekranch@-

Oct. 16-17 — Heritage Blue Ridge Invitational. Rowan County Fairgrounds, Salisbury, N.C. FMI: email

Nov. 6-7 — Central U.S. Kiko Goat Association Seminar & Sale. Okmulgee County Fairgrounds, Okmulgee, OK. FMI: Wayne Simms, 918-633- 7353 or Dennis Thorp, 832-629-9909.

Nov. 13-14 — SEKGA RoundUp and Kiko Sale. Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry, GA. FMI: Marilyn Seleska, 229-263-7977 or

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