Sharon Popovich is in charge of social media for Rick Reithoffer’s Blue Unit of

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Reithoffer Shows, and her husband, Tom, in Rick’s words, “runs

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the show.” They were seen at the Helen McPeak- managed Wilson County Fair, Lebanon, TN.

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Also seen in Lebanon were Gary Alberr

Also seen in Lebanon were Gary Alberry, veteran ride supervisor of Reithoffer Shows, and his wife, Debra. With the show for many years, Gary is known as a wizard about getting things done.

Concessionaire Shari Bolin, left, was elected into the IISA’s Hall of Fame in Gibsonton. Presenting her award is Dee Dee Starkey of Arnold

From left at the Minnesota State Fair, are Michelle Sandefur, her husband, Shawn, and Chris Walden. Walden usually travels with Tinsley Amusements, but he and Sandefur are midway supervisors working with Deputy General Manager Jim Sinclair in Minneapolis.

ago, is still performing with his guitars at restaurants and bars in the South Jersey area. His carnival accounts included Amusements of America, S&S Amusements, Skelly’s and Lynam’s. “I mostly had the big parks along the New Jersey shore — Morey’s, Jenkinson’s, Gillian’s, S&T (Simpson’s Steel Pier), and Bob Bennett’s Casino Pier. Morey’s account was enormous, as was Jenkinson’s, but they both went tick- etless the year after I left, so I figure I got out just in time.”

I may have to reconsider about saying in a recent column that this year’s world champion Red Sox is not the best Boston team ever. They probably are, but nobody can ap- proach the excitement that trans- pired when Ted Williams, the last man to hit 400 in the major leagues, came to the plate. He lived up to all

Amusements, where she has rides and concessions with her husband, David.

Candy Anderson, second from left, who had the top grossing games again at the Minnesota State Fair, treated Tom Powell’s grandson, Sam, to a giant prize, that is being held by Tom’s son, Kevin, left. Enjoying the day, at right, next to Sam, is Kevin’s wife, Ann Marie Powell.

Candy Anderson second from left whohad the top

David Alberry, a supervisor, has been with Reithoffer Shows for 45 years. His wife, Michelle, seen at the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, before the

show headed to Albuquerque, handles tickets.

Somebody’s paying off a bet at the Gibtown Club. From left are Archie (Hawk) Lidey, Tropical

Ray Hrudka, left, Reithoffer Shows, and Larry Habeck, Gala’s Food Concessions, talk about their season, which was pretty wet. Habeck was Gibtown club president in 1987; Hrudka in 1982.

Amusements; retired circus owner and ride builder Bob Childress; Billy Clark, former owner of Smokey Mountain Amusements; and Philip (Pee Wee) Hoskins, who was club president in 1985 and 1997. A retired cookhouse operator, Hoskins sells his famous Pee Wee Burgers during the trade show.

Food concessionaire Lee Stevens who

ood concessionaire Lee Stevens, who spent many years starring with his wife, Judy, on Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, was president of the Gibtown Club in 2004. He’s seen with JoAnn Arnold, who held that honor in 2016.

Jim Layton left aplushsalesman

Jim Layton, left, a plush salesman from Richmond, VA, was offering 50 percent off to Chicago-based Stan Rozman when they were seen during the trade show in Gibsonton.

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