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A partnership, the Association, & the industry. By Kenneth Gaudinez, CMP, CVP YOUNG PROFESSIONALS:

The College Partnership Program is designed to connect institutions of higher learning with venue managers in the area to associate in- class learning with real life experiences and examples. This program exists informally all over the country where industry professionals visit university classrooms and share their experiences with students, teach           understanding of the industry. This program is an attempt to reach     - nect them with those members who are interested in sharing some of their knowledge with the aspiring future of our industry. This style of learning has been popular for years in universities all

over the world. Now, IAVM and the Young Professionals Committee are in the perfect position to make this program a nationwide success.

College Partnership Program goals include: •  • Foster that relationship to allow better connections between ven- ues and institutions of higher learning • Improve awareness of IAVM through classroom visits • Increase the number of new student members annually • Facilitate introduction into the Job Shadowing Program, Founda- tion Scholarships, Internships, and other student programs

 -

ied. The College Partnership Program sets a higher standard in class- room education, introducing practical real-world experiences into the environment. It allows IAVM to maintain a stronger position in col- leges around the nation to assist in recruitment of student members and future young professionals. Finally, this program creates a network of advocates for IAVM through an enhanced relationship with mem- bers through their presentations. This is a program that can really enhance the cooperation and

goodwill between the members, the Universities who participate, and the Association. In addition, it can help provide practical advice to aspiring members of our industry and help them negotiate their way into it. The College Partnership Program will be comprised of profes- sional members throughout various regions of the country. These representatives will be tasked to recruit for the program on both the educator and professional sides. Professional members of the College



Guest Experience & Crowd Management Conference

Academy for Venue Safety & Security

Venue Management School


Partnership Program will work within their local region to connect with nearby colleges and universities. Their goal is to either volunteer with speaking to classes related to venue management or facilitate the introduction of local professionals who are willing to speak to students about the industry. They will utilize personal relationships or one of the two letters of introduction created by the College Partnership Pro- gram team, either for the educator or professional, to introduce them- selves and IAVM. The professional member who speaks in the class will work with the

educator on what topic they are currently covering. As a representative of IAVM, the professional will focus on sharing relevant career experi- ences with the students based on their current topic, as well as promot- ing IAVM’s educational programming and the student initiative. This includes the upcoming Young Professionals Committee Job Shadow- ing Program, IAVM Foundation Scholarships, industry internships, Mentor Connector Program, and networking opportunities. To assist with introducing IAVM to the class, the College Partner-

ship Program, with the support of IAVM, developed a presentation to  they join IAVM. The professional can choose to use the student pre- sentation as guidance or elect to promote it in their own way. The pro- fessionals will focus on the topic at hand, but will also present IAVM as  When I present to a class, I highlight what they should be accom- plishing in college before graduating and entering this industry. For example, through IAVM I attended VenueConnect and Venue Manage- ment School as an intern, where I met and networked with industry professionals. This experience proved to be extremely valuable as I learned how the industry operated and evolved. My goal is to ensure that the students come to realize that IAVM is a great resource for them to get a jump start on their careers. We hope that as the College Partnership Program grows, educators

and professionals alike would be willing to join to create exceptional experiences and opportunities for students. The students in these class- rooms are the future of our industry, and our aspiration is to facilitate interaction and foster an ongoing relationship between students, edu- cators, and professionals. FM

Kenneth Gaudinez, CMP, CVP, is event manager/event services of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.


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