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Venues Aware Of Need For Sustainability, But Not Sure How To Implement Changes By Kelly Pedone

 - velopers of a new energy management plan have long believed – there is an awareness of the need to make buildings more energy sustainable, but managers are not sure how to implement changes  IAVM surveyed 107 building managers to receive baseline under- standing of their involvement and commitment to best energy man- agement practices within their facilities. This information will be used as IAVM introduces its Energy Management Education plan to members at the IAVM Executive Boot Camp in Nashville in August. According to the survey, while 70 percent of respondents report

that energy conservation is highly important, few have a complete understanding of how to best implement programs. The results also show that 42 percent utilize an energy management tool and that 37 percent expect that their current operating expenses that go into  developers of the program to believe that managers are eager to em-  Carol Wallace, CEO of Carol Wallace and Associates, says that

the results of the survey were not surprising to her and her colleagues  more of what she had supposed was the thinking of facility manag- ers. “A lot of people are being inundated by the need to create a more sustainable building, but they just don’t know how to make it work  IAVM has partnered with Fineta Energy Group to create the En-

ergy Management Education program to help managers not only assess areas where they can save on energy costs but also receive ideas for greater sustainability methods. Helping managers with their energy plan is one of the top three strategies IAVM President Brad Mayne has set as a priority. While energy education programs have previously been presented

by various agencies, this new initiative provides managers with an assessment of energy use and presents a strategy for how to conserve. Additionally, managers will learn how to put those suggestions into   Chris Catanzaro of Fineta says that the survey results showed that about 20 percent of the respondents were working toward earning  “This is fantastic news, and it shows an awareness of the need and

how it can be good for the bottom line,” Catanzaro says. “However,  bottom line.”

38 Facility Manager Magazine  -

 focus has been on lighting, at 66 percent, with upgrading building automation systems and HVAC upgrades second at 43 percent and 42 percent, respectively. “This shows there is an emergence of energy conservation aware-

ness, and that’s a good thing,” Catanzaro says. “And as I look down the list of other programs, it tells me that the market is ripe for en- ergy conservation.” However, he adds, simply changing light bulbs doesn’t scratch the

surface. One survey surprise showed that there is a disconnect between

operating expenses and anticipated energy increases. Among the re- spondents, 45 percent thought that their bills would stay the same   respondents think their expenses will go down. Managers surveyed reported that an average of 17 percent of their operating expenses goes to energy consumption. While 70 percent of respondents indicated that energy conserva-

tion is very important, that awareness does not always line up with -  Fewer than 20 percent of the respondents said that they are per- mitted to set aside savings for debt services. More than half of the buildings implemented an energy-related capital project, but only 10 percent of those have borrowed money for this purpose.  -

agers secure to implement energy projects, and this supports what Fineta is trying to do – build a program to help them with funding,” Catanzaro says. Typical energy audits will leave managers with a list of suggested sustainability practices, but when faced with the reality of how to pay for it, such programs get pushed aside. Catanzaro says that their  improvements easier and within reach.          -

gram, Fineta can show managers how to accomplish goals in just three years, therefore realizing energy savings of up to seven years earlier than projected. The bottom line, Catanzaro says, is that venues are aware of the possibilities and do want to take action. “This tells us that many have taken some action toward sustainability but they’re not sure where to go next. That’s where we can help.” FM

Kelly Pedone is a freelance writer based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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