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Finally, Booher discusses One Member, One Vote. It was passed

on June 17 following extensive study, review, and open discussion over the last two years. The IAVM Board of Directors voted unanimously to bring forward proposed changes to the bylaws that would make the Association more inclusive and diverse in its decision making. As a means to incorporate the perspective of all IAVM members, these changes would allow every member of IAVM equal opportunity to engage in the Association through the right to vote. “My hope is that we give everyone who is a part of our Association

a voice,” Booher said. “While I am committed, the Board is commit- ted, our members are committed, and our president and CEO Brad Mayne is committed that IAVM will always be a professional associa- tion of venue managers, we also understand that our allied partners, who are innovating products, services and systems that enable our ven-  we work to advance our industry and Association. It would be very      our industry without the im- portant input of those Allied members that we all rely on to help make our operations more successful.”

Booher also commented

on the valued voices of those who worked in the industry for their entire career but now fall into a Retired or Honorary member status, again without a right to vote. “There is no more im- portant voice to listen to than some of our veteran members,” he said. “A lot can be learned from the in- put of our retired and hon- orary members. “Lastly, there is increased mobility in our industry. I have several friends who have made the move from a venue to an Allied company and then back into venue - al lines between venue and allied organizations are becoming more integrated. This initiative will allow IAVM to ensure that venue pro- fessionals can work across those lines to ensure that we are doing our best to operate our venues well, and, successfully serve our guests and our stakeholders on a daily basis.”

“We did everything from running sound and lights to designing the

run of show for pep rallies and all of that. Little did I know then, that it would only be my initial experience in venue management. When I went to Indiana University, I planned to go into education, but after  - room, I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” 

at a 3,200-seat venue that hosts national touring acts at the university and “fell in love with it.” The preceding deserves to be Booher’s own quote, if for no other reason than he may be in a select group to speak about being in love with a job as a volunteer usher. “One of my friends asked me if I would volunteer to be an usher with him,” Booher recalled. “He was a year older than me and had volunteered the previous year. I asked him what was the draw. He said, ‘Well, it’s fun and you get to see all these concerts and shows for free. I said, ‘All right, you sold me.’”

Booher ushered his

“I remember arriving in Philly and realizing, ‘Oh, now I get it. There is a community of people who do what I do. These are people I can learn from.’ I remember going to the trade show  all of the options for equipment, systems, and

 of that kind of product? I had no idea that such a group existed that was designed to help me learn and grow as a professional.”

freshman year and, at the end of the year, was hired for a paid position. By the time Booher was   - uate degree in arts and humanities, he was asked       position that had become available.

“I was honored they had asked, and it turned out to be my best job      to start my professional career in venue manage- ment at that point.” It is now 22 years later, and Booher has enjoyed a progressive career in

Equipped for the Role Booher did not have to travel across the country to get his own brand of crossover venue management experience to prepare him for the year ahead. He grew up enamored with the industry and threw his volunteer hat into the ring at every waiting opportunity. “During my high school years in South Bend, I worked with a cou-

ple of friends to manage our high school auditorium, which was our primary basketball gym,” he said. “Anybody who knows anything about the movie Hoosiers knows there are a lot of great basketball ven-     end, so we hosted everything in there from pep rallies to major politi- cal speeches and a full slate of winter basketball games on Friday and Saturday nights.

26 Facility Manager Magazine

venue management at Indiana University. In addition to serving as executive director of the Indiana University Auditorium, Booher also   at Memorial Stadium and the iconic Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall bas- ketball arena. Booher books the entertainment into those venues, as well as the auditorium, and he leads the team that manages all uni- versity events wherever they take place across the country, including all commencements and celebrations, donor events and alumni functions. See, there really is incredible crossover work in Booher’s professional portfolio, which is one more reason he is more than ready to roll up his sleeves for IAVM’s membership.

Intro To IAVM Booher has volunteered as much for IAVM as he did in those for-  Shindell, executive director, who along with GM Bryan Rives invit- ed young Booher to the IAVM annual conference in Philadelphia in 1996.

“I was thrilled to be invited,” Booher said. “I remember arriving in Philly and realizing, ‘Oh, now I get it. There is a community of people who do what I do. These are people I can learn from.’ I remember  by all of the options for equipment, systems, and products … there are

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